January 2014

Greetings!  Here’s a link to my new home:


There’s a new story at the new site – actually it’s both a memory and a story.

It’s called “The Cloud People.”

It’s a product of mindful writing.  You’re invited to have an experience of mindful reading

and see what you think…



Greetings and Happy New Year!

In honor of new beginnings,  yogatherapyexperience.wordpress.com will be moving to a new home.

The new site is amindfulife.com.

The reason for the shift is that the original intention of “expanding the horizon of yoga therapy” has been happening to such an extent that the name “yogatherapyexperience” isn’t broad enough to hold the current and anticipated writings.  Since most posts are related to living in a mindful way using the practices of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, yoga therapy as well as poetry and prose, it seemed that “amindfulife” would be a more authentic reflection of what is offered.

I hope you agree and will visit the new site and subscribe.

Looking forward to welcoming you to new surroundings!